You know how happy my Solar Cooker makes me, right?

I've talked about how excited I am about solar cookers and the way they're changing lives. This video makes me even happier. It makes my heart swell and my throat tighten.

I swiped it from Realizing Ordinary's blog. Tending a garden is so very much a way to nurture yourself, inside and out. It's no wonder that a program that involves the homeless in fresh, organic gardening is changing lives.

Check out these links:

Growing Home stabilizes and sustains children and their families when they are experiencing or at-risk of homelessness.

Working for justice in the system, opportunity in our cities, and peace on our streets.


graceonline said...

Genie, thanks for linking to my blog, Realizing Ordinary. Programs like Growing Home give me such hope. Learning about someone who is developing a grass farm excites me, too. I hope you'll include posts about your grass-farming experiences and what you and your family are learning, how it changes you to work with the land and animals in that way.

Thank you too for images of your solar cooker and for that scrumptious-looking pico de gallo recipe. I can't wait to try it.

Best wishes, Gracey.

Genie said...

Hi Grace! Thanks for stopping by!

My grass farming experiences all get posted on my photo-blog. I can't wait to start cooking some of what we manage to produce!

Hope you like the Pico!

Pico de Gallo

Pico de Gallo
Fresh, cool, delicious.

Anasazi Beans

Anasazi Beans
Dang, that's a pretty bean.

Mom's Beef Enchiladas

Mom's Beef Enchiladas
Except we used ground Axis.

My Solar Cooker

My Solar Cooker
Needs some refinements but it works!